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Assets Reunited provide a comprehensive, effective service that enables corporate clients to return unclaimed assets to their customers, shareholders or staff. In 5 years we have consistently achieved a success rate of at least 70%, returning in excess of £200 million to over 40,000 individuals.

Our expertise and experience makes Assets Reunited a natural partner for corporate clients. Our team has the experience and know how to act as an extension of the Company in a way which totally protects their reputation and integrity. 

Virtually all companies hold assets that belong to either;

  • their customers; and/or
  • their shareholders; and/or
  • their past and present staff.

These might be a dormant account, a matured insurance policy, unpaid dividends or an unclaimed pension.

These assets are unclaimed because the Company and the individual have lost contact. This happens invariably because the individual moves and forgets to inform the Company, or dies without leaving a comprehensive record of their assets.

Returning unclaimed assets is the right thing to do and sends out a very positive message about the way in which a company values its customers, shareholders and employees. It represents a real contribution to delivering a company's CSR agenda and treating customers fairly. In the current economic situation it can help make a difference for both individuals and the economy as a whole. 




You Could be Rich 

ITV programme on 03 April 2009

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