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For claimants

Answering your questions about us

To help you understand the service we provide and enable you to successfully complete your claim, we have provided answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Assets Reunited.

Q. Who is Assets Reunited?
A. Assets Reunited is a UK-registered limited company that helps companies return unclaimed assets to their customers, shareholders or employees. 

Q. Why have you contacted me?
A. We have contacted you because a company has appointed us to trace individuals who have not yet received money or shares in order to help them obtain their unclaimed assets. 

Q. Is there a catch?
A. There are no catches. Assets Reunited provides a useful and legal service for our clients who want to return unclaimed assets. Typically, these remain unclaimed because:

Q. Will it cost me anything to reclaim my assets?
A. It will depend upon the agreement with the Company. In some cases the Company fund the exercise and there is no charge to the claimant. In other instances we make a service charge to claimants for arranging the return of their assets. This charge covers all of our services, which include:

Assets Reunited donate a percentage of all payments from claimants who use our services to charity. 

Q. How did you get my name and address and how can I be sure you are really working on behalf of an organisation in which I have unclaimed assets?
A. Information relating to the unclaimed assets we are trying to return is not in the public domain, so any information we have about you has been provided by our client company. Our confidential helpline can provide you with further assurances if needed.

Q. If I am asked to pay for the services, why should I pay you to return what is rightfully mine?
A. 'Yes we do charge for our services as we incur direct costs in tracing and contacting claimants. In some cases we charge claimants but in many cases the company concerned will meet our cost for providing that service'. 

Q. When will I receive my money?
A. Once we have received a correctly completed Claim Form, we aim to issue the payment cheque within one month. If there are any problems relating to your claim or Claim Form, we will contact you within two working days of receipt. It is very important that you make sure your Claim Form is completed correctly and signed; and that the originals or certified copies of any requested documentation are attached; before you return it to us. Please make sure you also provide us with a day time contact telephone number so that we can contact you if there are any queries relating to your claim. 

Q. I have received a letter from Assets Reunited addressed to a claimant who no longer lives at this address. What should I do?
A. If you can provide a forwarding address for the claimant, please advise us so that we can write to them again and ask you to destroy the letter you received. If you have no address for them, do you know the name of the estate agency that managed the sale/purchase of the property as we may be able to contact them via the appointed agents. Any help you can provide is very much appreciated.

Q. The claimant referred to in your letter has died, but there is no Probate, Letter of Administration or Letter of Confirmation because their estate was not large enough. What should I do?
A. We will need to deal with this claim using the Small Estates procedure. If you confirm your name and address, we will write to you in the next few days to explain how this works.  

Q. If I donate money to Charity, how much will actually reach the charity?
A. All of the money you donate will be paid to the clients chosen Charity.

Q. I would like more help in understanding the letter and Claim Form you have sent me. What should I do?
A. Just call our confidential helpline number and we will talk you through the whole process.

Q. I do not have any bills or bank statements addressed to my previous residence. What should I do?
A. An official letter from your bank, building society or doctor, confirming your current and previous addresses will generally provide sufficient evidence to verify your claim. Our confidential helpline number will give you further advice if needed.

‘I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate you finding me and your efficiency and helpfulness in the matter of claiming the money due of which I had left unclaimed for some time.’

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