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Understanding our products
Understanding our products

The three primary reasons for assets being unclaimed are:

1. The owner moves and forgets to update their address details

2. The owner is simply unaware that the assets exist, such as a lapsed endowment policy

3. The owner has died and their estate does not discover the asset

Insurance policies
Insurance companies have many policies which have matured or lapsed and have not been claimed. 

Dormant bank accounts
Banks and Building Societies hold dormant accounts for individuals who are deceased or have simply forgotten that they hold an account. Our service offers the opportunity for you to re-activatethe accounts or return the money to the estate of a deceased customer. Address the issue before a solution is imposed by legislation.  

Dissentient Registers
When a number of shareholders fail to claim shares or cash following a merger, acquisition, demutualisation or other corporate action, they are listed on what is called a Dissentient register. Inevitably these will at least mirror the shareholders with whom a company has lost contact.

Rights Issues
Sometimes companies offer shareholders the right to buy more shares at a discounted rate as part of a ‘rights issue’. Shareholders who do not exercise their rights are still entitled to the cash earned when the shares they were offered are subsequently sold. 

Building Societies that become public companies offered many of their members shares in the new company. If members did not claim their shares within three years, they were sold. However, members remain entitled to claim the cash from the sale of their offered shares for a set period of time. 

Register Cleanse
A Shareholder is defined as 'gone away'when two items of mail are returned to the Registrar. Most wrongly addressed mail is destroyed upon receipt so the number identified as 'gone away' by the Registrar is underestimated. Out of date records should be minimised to reduce identity fraud and give the company the opportunity to re-establish contact with their 'lost' shareholders.

Pension companies hold dormant pensions for both companies and private pension schemes who are deceased or have failed to claim their entitlement. Companies generally lose touch because people forget the pension or fail to update their address details. 

‘We’ve been working closely with Assets Reunited for over  two years, together we have returned over £50 million of shareholder assets and made the process user friendly and very professional.’

Patrick Gonsalves,
Deputy Company Secretary,
Barclays PLC

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